Deluxe Scrimmage Vests

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480100 (ISV5)
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Get training the right way with the best vests in the industry.


  • Perfect for scrimmages, training, or tryouts
  • Lightwieght, 100% Dry-Tech® moisture wicking technology to keep you dry
  • Extra high filament count for a soft luxurious feel
  • No flimsy rubber bands or bunched up elastic which breaks
  • Sizes:   S, M, L, XL
  • Colors: GLD, LIM, ORG, RED, ROY, YEL


Sizing Specifications:

As players come in all shapes and sizes we've got a vest for you.

  Size        Width      Length       Fits
  Small        19"          21"       up to YM
  Medium     21"          23"       YL - AS
  Large       23"          25         AM - AL
  X-Large    24"          28        AXL and up